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Gearbox Repair

Transmissions RS offers manual and automatic gearbox repair services for all makes and models. We also carry out electronic diagnosis and cost evaluations.

We provide the following services:

  • Repair and replacement of automatic and manual gearboxes
  • Repair and replacement of transfer cases (4X4)
  • Repair and replacement of differentials
  • Replacement of clutch
  • Automatic transmission tuning
  • Replacement of oil, filter and crankshaft seal
  • Adjustments and road tests
Réparation de transmission Terrebonne

Is there a problem with your car’s gearbox? Contact RS

Our auto repair shop handles the repair of your vehicle whatever the make or model.

Réparation de transmission Terrebonne

Specialists at your service

We effectively repair any gearbox problems you may be facing. Do you hear a strange noise while shifting gears or a whistling sound that’s coming from the floor or is your gearbox jamming up? Rely on the skills of our mechanics to repair your car.

Our auto repair shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools to ensure quality service and our specialists ensure a precise diagnosis. Additionally, to help you avoid frequent breakdowns, we offer personalised and easy to implement advice.

Precise diagnosis and personalised advice


Quick repairs

We remain your reliable partner to handle your vehicle gearbox repairs. Our objective is simple: to return your car to you in good condition as quickly as possible. To this effect, we strive to always be precise and meticulous and we replace any defective parts with only high-quality and genuine components.

We promise a professional job at excellent value for money.

Our services are offered at the best prices


Why entrust us with the repair of your car's gearbox?

  • Precise diagnosis
  • Efficient service
  • Quick service
  • Excellent value for money

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